Friday, February 11, 2011

Great Interview, Great Experience!

Friday, February 11th

I had the opportunity today to be a part of an all-day interview Naked Cowboy had with a reporter, who previously interviewed him while working for Time Out Magazine. John, Evan, and Sof came to my place and spoke with Robert (Naked Cowboy) for a some time in the living room while I went on my laptop in the dining room. Eventually, I joined them, staying out of the way and just listening. Being that Robert and I have been together for over 6 years and known each other for 7, my name came up several times. Eventually, we sat together for the interview so they could ask me some questions about how we met, and several other topics.
We took them to VIP Fitness in Lyndhurst, where I teach a spin class as well as train clients, so they could film us doing one of our workouts. Since I had already told them that Robert and I met on Ellipticals next to each other, it only seemed right to start off our workout warming up on the Ellipticals. We didn't want to bore them with a long, grueling workout, so we just did one set for each body part to give a sample of what we would normally do.
While the guys grabbed some lunch, we went home to get ready for a round in Times Square. The ride into New York City consisted of an in-depth conversation of politics and Robert's political platform when he decided to run for President. I completely stayed out of that conversation! Once we got to the ICON Parking Garage on 44th and Broadway, we changed almost as quickly as Clark Kent turns into Superman. The temperature was only in the 30's so we didn't want to waste time talking in the garage half naked.
The guys filmed us walking out to the corner and stayed with Naked Cowboy, while I crossed the street to the opposite corner playing the guitar, but mostly taking photos with people in the city. Within 10 minutes or so, the guys came over to film the people in Times Square interacting with me and taking photos with me. I hand my "Naked Cowgirl" postcards to people who take a photo with me, which has my website on it so they can get to my facebook and this blog, of course! it also has the 1-800-99-naked contact number which would go to Todd Rubenstein, manager of Naked Cowboy Enterprises for anyone looking to book either of us for parties or events. I lasted 23 minutes out there and Naked Cowboy was out in the cold for over 45 minutes. For someone who's so "cut-up", he sure has thick skin to be able to handle that cold!
We're not sure yet exactly where this interview will turn up, but it was definitely a great experience for me both as "Cindy Fox Fitness" and as "Naked Cowgirl". The guys also seemed very pleased to have me involved, since they originally didn't know anything about me or that I'd be willing to participate in their interview. It was a very productive day for all!