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The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": Naked Cowgirl Updates Jan. 9, 2012

The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": Naked Cowgirl Updates Jan. 9, 2012: Happy New Year to all! It has been a great year for me and I hope it has been for all of you reading this. Since it has been several mon...

Naked Cowgirl Updates Jan. 9, 2012

Happy New Year to all! It has been a great year for me and I hope it has been for all of you reading this. Since it has been several months since my last entry, I will recap by stating that this "Naked Cowgirl Updates" Blog is partly meant to entertain or inform my readers of the exciting (and sometimes frustrating)goings on in my "Cowgirl" world, but is also meant to be my own "trail of Events" so I always have something to look back upon with actual dates, place, people, etc... I have had a lot going on since my last entry so I will just list most of these dates, rather than write about them...unless there's something to tell:)
Times Square- September
9/14/11 4:15-6:30 & 7-8pm
9/15/11....My o oldest son and I share the same birthday on this day so I took him and my other son and daughter out for an early dinner, which is always a great day!
9/16/11 My mom and my sister Flew in from Florida to be here for a going-away party for my son who was leaving for Basic Training in the Air Force. I got to hang out with my sister Tarra for the first time in several years without a bunch of kids crying and a lot of yelling. My cousin Meleah came out with us and we met up with some of their friends. It was great to reconnect!
Times Square
9/17/11 5:10-6:45
9/18/11 3:50-4:45...This was the day I was having my son's party at Cheeseburger In Paradise where he was a server. Practically my whole family was coming so I planned to be in and out of Times Square within an hour but there was a street fair going on that caused INSANE traffic to the point I almost went home, but I didn't. I made it to the party about 15 mins. late, but we all had a nice time and some of them stayed to hang out with friends after the family left.
9/21/11 I took my mom to see "Jersey Boys" in NY, which was amazing! She still had an impression of this area as being a place where you will get mugged or raped, so I had to show her it was totally different from even 15 years ago. Back then if you saw a guy playing a guitar in his undies on 45th Street you would quickly walk the other way, now the people crowd around and wait there turn to take a photo with the "Naked Cowboy". The pedestrian mall has made Times Square look like any other busy commercialized, highly monitored, tourist attraction.
Times Square
9/25/11 2:15-3:45
9/30/11 6-8:30
Times Square - October

10/02/11 Charity Event 2-3 at The ViiBE Dance Studio, owned by Lori Michaels and Courtney Lynch, to raise money for "Strengthen Our Sisters"...then Times Square 4- 5:20
10/05/11 3:30- 5:15 plus I had my Brazilian friend, Debra with me in the city
10/6/11 6:20-8:35
10/9/11 2 1/2 hours then off to Room 84 in Hoboken with Robert (Naked Cowboy)for Eric Alt's Carnivale Fashion Show, which was also a fund raiser. The models looked great, with special appearances by "Dyke Diva" Lori Michaels, Olympic Skater Johnny Weir, NJ Housewives Kim G. and others.
10/10/11 Columbus Day 3- 5:30 3 to 5:30pm
10/15/11 4-7:30 the "Occupy Wall Street" Protestors took over Times Square. I was there before it got too insane but managed to get a lot of photos in several publications ( & I also am in a funny YouTube video titled "Naked Cowgirl Won't Wear the Ribbon" a Seinfeld episode. I went straight from Times Square to the Rotary Club in Rutherford for a Halloween Party/Charity event for the "Gift of Life" in which doctors in the U.S. do open-heart surgery on a select few children from other countries that cannot afford it and would die without the surgery. Seeing a baby smile in her mom's arms after this life-saving surgery helped restore my faith in humanity, considering all the bad we hear on the news.
10/16/11 4:15-6:45
10/17/11 I went to "The Oyster House" in Philadelphia with Robert to meet Chris Quartuccio of Blue Island Shellfish Farms to promote "Naked Cowboy Oysters".
10/20/11 6:55-8:15
10:23/11 4:30-6
10/26/11 4:30-6...Then went to teach a Cardiomix at The ViiBE Dance Studio and then to 201 Club in Englewood for a charity event called "Momma's Night Out" to raise money for RBRW (for battered women in shelters)
10/29/11 6-7...Then made an appearance at LaReggia in Secaucus for a great Halloween Party that my friend Nicole throws every year.
10/30/11 44 mins.
Times Square - November
11/01/11 Appeared on WFAN Sports Radio 66AM for CBS Pro Football Pick ems with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts (week 9)...and I picked all 5 correctly!
11/3/11 6-7
11/5/11 7:15- 8:30
11/8/ interview with Mick DuRussell for "The Showbiz Wizzard" on Spo tOn LI
11/12/11 went to a wine tasting in Hoboken and then to Times Square...interesting mix!
11/13/11 3-4pm to do an interview and photo shoot for
11/15/11 My son left for Basic Training with a 4 hour notice (after his first date was postponed definitely). I'm so glad I didn't go to work that day or I wouldn't have been there to take him to the bus stop and hug him good-bye. The short notice was better than the last time I thought I had a week left with him and kept crying:(
11/16/11 I made an appearance for a charity event with my dog, Willie, at Solari's Restaurant in Hackensack for the "Special K9 Needs" which helps rescue and give medical attention to dogs with special medical needs. Willie is from a shelter and is missing one eye and needs drops in his existing eye forever.
11/19/11 made an appearance at a gym in Ridgefield, NJ for a fund raiser for Tomorrow's Children, in which my friend's daughter is one of the recipients. I went to another event that night for the same baby at Secaucus' First Charity Ball Charity Event. Both events were a great success!
11/23/11 5:15-5:55 (raining)
11/25/11 (Black Friday)4-6
11/26/11 1hr. 45 mins.
11/30/11 50 mins.

Times Square- December
12/5/11 made an appearance for "Broadway Sings For Pride" for the LGBT Winter Concert, organized by NealBTV
12/7/11 6:30-7pm then to a Toy Drive at the VFW Hall in Edgewater
12/10/11 4:40-5:08 (29 degrees) met up with my old Cheer leading friend Renee and her family for a photo:)
12/17/11 2:45-3:45 for filming for The Travel Channel in Which a couple renewed their vows by the Naked Cowboy in Times Square...I was the "Maid of Honor".
12/21/11 Took Robert to Bone Fish Grill for his Birthday:)
12/23/11 37 mins. (42 degrees)
12/26/11 5-5:50 got to meet up with my friend Felisa and her family for some photos:) It sure was busy the day after Christmas!
12/26/11 5-5:50
12/28/11 35 mins
12/31/11 (NEW YEAR'S EVE DAY) 10am to 11am then to the hospital 1 to 9pm. It was very busy but there was NO traffic coming in or out of the tunnel at that time. Then I went to work at the hospital 1-9 and went straight home to make some appetizers for my family and have a glass of wine before the ball dropped.

Well that's the end of my year in a Nutshell!