Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Naked Cowgirl Updates: Good By 2012

     It guess it's not too hard to imagine that I haven't updated this in 6 months, considering everything I juggle every day. Even as I write this I am torn between shutting down the computer and getting into Times Square, or staying here and finally doing this! Well, here +Naked Cowgirl updates through the end of 2012.
     Being this is a "Naked Cowgirl Update" Blog, I guess I need to back up for a second and state the obvious (or apparently not so obvious to those NOT on +Facebook+), since I wasn't ready to publicly announce it back in my last entry the beginning of June....Yes, +Naked Cowboy and I have been broken up since Easter...that was in April! We have both moved on and remain friends with a good working relationship, as I am still a licensed franchisee of Naked Cowboy Enterprises.

June 2, 2012
     I attended my annual AAAI/ISMA Fitness Convention in Atlantic City, NJ in which I attend workshops and lectures that keep me current with the latest fitness trends and safety issues regarding Health and Fitness, as well as renewing all of my Fitness Certifications. I had the pleasure of taking a class with +Insanity DVD star Sean T...loved his class! OK, so it's NOT a "Naked Cowgirl" related post...but it is who I am and what allows me to wear a bikini in the middle of New York City ALL YEAR LONG!!!

June was a busy month for me not only teaching classes and clients at the gym, working at the hospital, and going to Times Square, but I also taught some CPR Classes AND continued to squeeze in a couple of guitar lessons at Rutherford Music Exchange and voice lessons with @carlavirola.

     You know what they say about "All Work and No Play...." so I thought it was time to go on a date. If  you are connected to any of my social networks and have seen my photos, you might have noticed that many of my most recent awesome photos are watermarked +Dez Santana Photography. He was photographing Memorial Day Weekend in Times Square during Fleet Week and took some great photos of me with Marines, Tourists, and other Service men and women...and the rest is history! Our first date was at a Thai Restaurant in Chelsea on 8th Ave in NYC called Spice. The food and service was very good and the company was great! Oh...and I finally had a reason to wear those FABULOUS Shoes!!!

Times Square Appearances in June:  6/1, 6/9, 6/14, 6/23, 6/24, 6/28,6/29

June 18 - Had a meeting about the manufacturing of my Signature Naked Cowgirl Bikini...stay tuned! Photo demonstrates part of by @RulaK_Photo taken during the Broadway Sings For Pride, with Lori Michaels (Dec. 2011)

June 24th - NYC Gay Pride Parade - I walked the parade along with the @MercyForAnimals group and was so excited to be able to finally do more to show my support as a vegan than just sending money to the organization. I met some awesome people not only in the MFA group, but other people in or at the parade.

Times Square Appearances in July:  7/2, 7/4, 7/6, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10, 7/13, 7/27

Independence Day in Times Square is always very exciting because it is super busy and filled with War Veterans (Photo by +Dez Santana) as well as current Military men and women, and people from all over the World. I got a great photo 4th of July 2011 with a bunch of US Navy Men in their white uniforms taken by photographer +Joe Josephs, and this past year I got the photo with some US Navy Sailors (men and women) in their white uniform, plus other service men and women of all branches. God Bless America!

Monday, July 9th - "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" Music Video Release Party at Blue Fin in the
W Hotel...advertised on Reuter's Billboard in Times Square. Thanks to @bluefinnyc for their hospitality!

     My song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" is a LMP/Hothead Productions being sold on iTunes, written by @LoriMichaelsNow. There is a Naked Cowgirl Dance which has backup dancers the, "Cowbelles" doing a dance choreographed by Courtney Lynch of @TheViiBE. The music video was produced by Half Full Media Productions with @BlakeBrewer87 and @ariblau and their amazing film crew. Thanks to sponsorship from Chris Quartuccio of Blue Island Oysters, awesome photography by Rula Kanawati Photography,  +makeupbyTiffanyAiello for making my face flawless @WhiskeyCafeNJ and @EricAltSalon for letting us film at their establishments, @MREricAlt for doing my hair, Lynn from @BodyWorks Tan for spray tanning me, @BrookeVallone @TheNakedCowboy for cameo appearances as well as everyone who showed up to help @NYCGAL1, give suppport, and be in the film, and to @joann22665 for helping me promote and put together my press release.

*July 21-26 I went to Florida to visit family and Cowgirl that week

July 31st - Filming of "The Meat Puppet"produced by Keith Collins and Blaze Kelly Coyle @silverphoenix11 and executive producer Joe Valenti. The film was written by Joseph and Billy Pepitone.
     The Meat Puppet is a cross between American Psycho and Hannibal, telling a story of excess, vanity, and cannibalism. My part took place on a beach in a bikini (as Cindy Fox this time!!!) where the psycho killer tries picking me up, and luckily, my daughter (in the film and for real, Tiffany Aiello) interferes and saves me. I love that girl!

August Times Square Appearances: 8/3, 8/5, 8/11 (Dominican Parade...a busy day in Times Square!), 8/17, 8/18, 8/24, 8/25
Aug.19th - I blew off all work and the gym to spend a day with my new guy doing "normal" things, like taking a ferry to Governor's Island and "being a tourist". It's VERY hard for me to take a whole day OFF from Times Square AND the gym when I don't have to work at the hospital or one of the gyms. Once I get over the guilt of not being "Productive" for the day, I actually really do enjoy myself. Being with a native New Yorker now, I'm always being told that "There is more to New York than TIMES SQUARE"! He is right :)

September Times Square Appearances: 9/1, 9/2, 9/3, 9/9, 9/16
Labor Day Weekend was extremely busy in Times Square. Once again, it was filled with people from all over who are ending their summer in one of the busiest cities in the world. It's a bitter sweet for some who are moving on to college, back to school, or back to their home lands after visiting the New York City area for the summer.

Sept. 9th - Daily News Street Fair- Naked Cowboy and I were asked to appear at the fair in NYC again this year, along with some of the #MOBWIVES @biggangVH1, some popular radio personalities, and one or two famous athletes. It was a beautiful, sunny day and a great time had by all. I'm still trying to get the photo from photographer Diane Cohen that was taken of me with #BigAng from the Mob Wives. I'll post it eventually. I'm not sure how this photo was obtained or who took it so if anyone reading this knows, feel free to "Comment" at the end.

Sept. 15 - Mine and my son's Birthday! Since my son is stationed in Germany with the US Air Force, it is the first time since he was born that we were NOT able to celebrate our birthday together. I decided I needed to do something special or different as a I entered the Bill Botino Mud Run for Cancer with my coworker, and Ex-Marine, Marcos Dominquez @wizeguyz27. It was a reason for him to get back into working out and a reason for me to try something different. It was a great experience and a great distraction from missing my son.

October Times Square Appearances:  10/3, 10/4, 10/5, 10/13, 10/21, 10/26, 10/31
Sunday, Oct 21 was Breast Cancer Awareness Day so I changed into a pink bikini to show support to the cause that has not only hit my family, but that I see much too often working in a hospital. Photo by Dez Santana Photography...Thanks Dez!

November Times Square Appearances:  11/10, 11/11, 11/22, 11/24, 11/25
November 11 - Veteran's Day was a very Patriotic day in Times Square, filled with Military Service men and women, US War Veteran's, as well as everyone coming to enjoy the day. I love seeing retired military men and women in their uniforms and wearing them with pride:)

December Times Square Appearances: 12/5, 12/13, 12/14,12/19,12/22, 12/23, 12/25, 12/29, 12/30,12/31
***Does it seem odd that I was in Times Square more during the coldest month than I was during the summer???? This photo was taken with my friend Ameer Boccilli who owns the Hot Dog Stand on the corner of 45th and Broadway.

December 29th - SNOW!

December 31st...New Year's Eve!

I have to say that this year had quite a lot of change and transition in it. I'm hoping 2013 brings many exciting and prosperous things for everyone reading this and everyone in my life. I'm sure I left out some really cool stuff that I've done over the last six months, but some of that was on purpose:) If you LIKE my blog, please subscribe to it, share it, and feel free to comment. Happy New Year!