Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 4/26/11

Sunday, April 17th
It was my day off from my other jobs so I had the opportunity to hit Times Square in my boots, hat, and bikini and play a little guitar and take photos for several hundred people that walked by that day. It wasn't that warm out yet, but it beats being out there when it's only in the 30's!
Tuesday, April 19th
I had a dance practice at Starlight Dance Studio with Lori Michaels, Courtney Lynch, and "Sasha X"(formerly Sasha A. Mess), a fabulous Dancer/choreographer that Lori works with and has performed with. He had some great tips for me for my "Cowgirl Dance". Lori had a film crew there filming the practice as part of a documentary they are doing on her.
Thursday, April 21
I decided to take advantage of the group exercise room at the Secaucus Recreation Center to practice my dance while there was not a film crew and bunch of great dancers watching me. All growing up I was always the kind of person who hated learning something new in front of other people. I'm not sure if it's because of the shy side of me (believe it or not!) or the perfectionist in me that hates to NOT be great at everything I try to do. I'm sure it's a combination, but whatever it is I'm trying to overcome it.
Friday, April 22
It was Good Friday so a lot of people were off from work or school and so was I, so I went into Times Square with Naked Cowboy. It was actually pretty cold and windy out but I lasted an hour and he was out there 1 1/2 hours. It was super busy and a great day to be there. One of the Photographers that works in the area came up to me and said he's starting to think I only like the cold weather since I keep missing all the warm days so far due to my other jobs. The best is still ahead!

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