Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of summer 2011

For some strange reason, I have a very hard time going back and editing on Blogger and saving what I had changed. I tried to make some corrections to my "Naked Cowgirl Updates 9/7/11" but after I tried to repost it I realized nothing saved. So I'd like to first start by making a few corrrections:
Naked Cowboy performed a wedding renewal ceremony in Times Square a week ago for a Scottish couple named Jennifer and Graham Provan (it was misspelled before). I also mentioned an interview I had done with Alain Bin Naim during the NYC Gay Pride Parade that was aired on some cable channels (I didn't have his full name posted). I also tried to post other photos including the night out with Lori Michaels wearing the "Only" Collection by Lois Elise but they didn't save either. I'm finishing my "End Of Summer" blog with Labor Day Weekend. Although today is 9/11/2011, I feel any events that occur today deserve their own blog along with special condolences to all who have lost loved ones in the Trade Center Attack 10 years ago.

I had gone into Times Square Friday-Monday of Labor Day Weekend, and although each day was busy, I have to say that Sunday, Sept. 4th was by far the best day out there! I got there around 1:30pm right after the Brazilian Day Parade had just ended. The streets were filled with Brazilians wearing their colors and carrying flags all excited to be there. One of my dearest friends, Debra Cavallini, is Brazilian so I've met many of her friends and have come to the conclusion that Brazilians, generally, are very affectionate, friendly people...and they LOVE "naked"!
I left Times Square around 4pm knowing I was coming back at 8pm with Naked Cowboy because we were going to do another round until 10:30pm and then head over to a party at the Laugh Lounge on Essex Street. Some of the people who sell tickets in Times SQuare for the Comedy Show invited to their party. It was even more crowded in T.S. at that time of night and their was such energy in the crowd! I even had a run-in with the other 2 cowgirls out there...the younger one who got arrested a couple weeks ago, and the older one, Sandy Kane. That was a rare occurance since I don't usually go there that late. I think the crowd was both cofused and amused at the same time.
We brought Franchisee, Rob Cofmann, and our friend Joe to the party, but it was quite a sight to see 2 "Naked Cowboys" and a "Naked Cowgirl" walking down Essex Street. We also invited our friend Minoo Mirsaidi, who showed up looking like Lady GaGa...and pulled it off I might add:) The party was great!
Monday, Sept. 5
I only went into Times Square for an hour and a half since I wanted to spend time home relaxing. It was not crowded at all in the city that afternoon. There were barely any entertainers or street performers out either. I know the summer isn't officially over until Sept. 22nd, but I don't think I'll have too many days to get to the beach. I only got there 2 or 3 times for a little while and I love the beach! I guess I'll have to just plan to head south a few time this winter, so if you're planning a big Party or Event down south and want to hire the "Naked Cowgirl" to come make an appearance or perform the "Cowgirl Dance" to "Ride It Like A Cowgirl", contact my manager Lori Michaels on Facebook or email me at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 9/7/11

I Can't believe the summer is coming to an end. The day after Labor Day weekend was rainy and chilly already. It reminded me of what lies ahead in Times Square very soon....MAJOR GOOSE BUMPS!
Trail of Events:
8/5...Times Square 2:30-5:30PM... then dinner w/my boys at Sinbads in Secaucus (great Hummus!)
8/6 & 8/7,...Times Square
8/ interview with Alain from the NYC Gay Pride Parade was aired on ch.67/36/& 85
Tuesday, 8/9
Naked Cowboy and I went to Times Square for a while and then walked to 44th st. to The Sky Room Lounge for a Rooftop Fashion Show Party with The Vargas Collection. We made an appearance, mingled, and took photos with Alicat Avril Lemieux, Jones Models, and many others who attended the party. Photographers that night included Marie Papp Photography and EMKphoto1, amongst others. It was a great party with clear skies and a great view of the Empire State Building. We walked the runway and got plenty of photos taken and headed back to Times Square for another round. It was great to be there so late since we are usually both done before 7 or 8pm.

Times Square...Aug. 11, 12, & 13

Monday, Aug. 15
I took my kids to Cape May to visit one of best friends from high School (Frankie) and her family. I got to spend quality time with my kids on the Wild Wood boardwalk in a torrential downpour , got to chit chat at my friend's house over my very own Sangria, brought the kids jet skiing, sat by the pool for a bit, and finished the trip with a great dinner all together in Cape May.
Wednesday, Aug. 17
I Went to the East Village with my talented manager, Lori Michaels, her assistant Ashley, Choreographer Courtney, and Photographer Rula for a premiere of These Showers Can Talk, an improvisational comedy produced and directed by Gabrielle Lindau. Lori was wearing a black tank by designer Lois Elise from her "ONLY" Collection. Lois met us there for a photo-op outside the premiere. We left there starving and hit some awesome Mexican restaurant down the block.
Thursday, Aug. 18
I Made my first LOCAL appearance at LaReggia's Patio Party in Secaucus where there were friends and acquaintances from my own town, thanks to my friend Nicole Tuscano who was organizing the party. I was actually very nervous because it was so close to home and didn't know what to expect. The DJ played my song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" as I walked in, the bartender, Dana, had a drink waiting, and the customers all took turns getting a photo with me. There was even a group of riders from the Bergen County Harley Dealership that had their own photographer who took photos of me out front on their Harleys. It was a fun night:)

Times Square Aug. 19, 20, & 21

Sunday, Aug. 21st
This was National "Go Topless Day" and New York City had a parade that started at Columbus Circle and went into Central Park for an opportunity for some of the women to talk about experiences they had being topless in public while the press photographed, videoed, and interviewed many people there. It seemed very Ironic for me to show up as "Naked Cowgirl" being I was one of the only women there with a top on! WTF TV ( interviewed me to find out why I wouldn't take my top off. As strange as it seemed, I actually got an email from a woman in Hawaii who attended a "Go Topless" event there, telling me my interview was inspiring. It was good to hear since I didn't know how the women would feel about my showing up with a top to this event. Here is the YouTube video link .

Times Square Aug. 24, 26, 30 & 31

Wednesday, Aug. 31st
Naked Cowboy was performing a wedding ceremony (an Ordained Minister)in Times Square for a couple, Jennifer and Graham Broban, from Scotland who wanted to renew their vows for their 15-year Anniversary. They didn't have any family or friends here in NY with them so we had a few guys videoing the ceremony. I had agreed to make a "Surprise" appearance as Naked Cowgirl and present the Bride with flowers from her best friend Joann from back home who couldn't attend. Jennifer was thrilled, but the "Surprise" was on me when I found out the my oldest son was one of the videographers. Of course my children know I'm the Naked Cowgirl, but it's not an easy thing for my sons to deal with and none of them have actually seen me in action. It was definitely an awkward moment, but I guess also an ice breaker for the situation.
It's been a Great Summer and I'm hoping the warm weather will stick around for a while!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates August 3, 2011

For some strange reason, I often have a difficult time saving and publishing my posts properly on here, so my last blog was cut short, missing a few weeks and without any photos. I was just too frustrated, after all efforts were made, to even try and fix the here is the rest of my Naked Cowgirl Updates.
Thursday, June 30
I went to a birthday bash at The Shannon on First Street in Hoboken, NJ for a friend of mine, Blaze Coyle, who I also train and is my voice coach. The back room was filled with her friends and co-workers as well as a mutual friend of ours, Lee, from my town. The DJ played my song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" when I walked into the room as The Naked Cowgirl. The Manager took plenty of photos of not only her guests, but also the patrons that filled the front of the bar. If you were there that night, check to see my photos.
Tuesday, July 5th
I had to go in for surgery to have my breast implants replaced due to a problem I was having with one that was interfering with everything I do (Times Square, teaching fitness classes, running, laying on my stomach, etc...). I got them 17 years ago after my 2nd child and have had several problems since. I think the very strenuous exercises I do in my classes, specifically push-ups have not been good for them. I don't regret them; let's face can't nurse THREE children and still have perky boobs!!!
Thursday, July 7th
Not only did I go on the Elliptical (without using the arms of course)to get rid of water retention 2 days after surgery, but I felt and looked good enough to make an appearance as Naked Cowgirl in place of Naked Cowboy since he was already booked. Pupie Raia, very well known in Hoboken for his contributions and political ties threw himself a big birthday bash at Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken, which he has been doing for years. He provides food and beverages and great entertainment for friends and family and anyone in the community who wants to come celebrate with him. He is also the brother of one of my neighbors. I showed up with my friend & neighbor, Erika Muller, the "Blond Bombshell" Insurance Guru of Hoboken and my Manager/Producer ; Celebrity Artist Lori Michaels. I felt completely safe from any possible tight hugs that might hurt my boobs. They were also great with getting me photographed with as many people as I could and also with getting me on my way out in one hour so I could be out of my bikini and back in my ace bandage and ice packs.
Friday, July 8th
I had my follow up doctor apt. and informed her that something wasn't right, but she told me to wait until the swelling went down. I went into Times Square for a little while to make an appearance since I felt good.
Saturday, July 9th
I skipped Times Square for a good cause. My mom and little niece were in for a week from Florida and we had a family party for Alyssa's 4th birthday. I don't get days off very often with all of my jobs and I miss most family parties. I was invited to a birthday Party that evening at The Standard Hotel in NYC for Olympic Ice Skater, Johnny Weir's birthday Party so I could present him with his birthday cake as Naked Cowgirl. For some strange reason the woman at the door could not let me in wearing my cowgirl outfit even though I have a full bikini on and that Johnny's manager was aware of my being there. Apparently a few days prior to that a "Fake" naked cowboy and naked cowgirl showed up there for a party and I'm pretty sure tainted my image and had management "assuming" I was that same person (possibly only wearing pasties or something trashy). It's too bad an imposter ruined the night for so many people, but all in all it was a great day!
Sunday, July 10...Times Square
Wednesday, July 13...Times Square
Friday, July 15...T.S.
Saturday, July 16...T.S.
Sunday, July 17th
I was a little sad to know it was my daughter's 19th birthday and I could see her since she was still in Italy, but I was glad she was having some great experiences. I met up with Naked Cowboy in Times Square later in the afternoon, as did one of his franchisees, Rob Cofmann (owner of Haircutters in the Meadows in Secaucus). Robert, the real Naked Cowboy was performing that night at Ha Comedy Club so we both wanted to be there to cheer him on. The crowd loved him!
Monday, July 18th
Lee Evans of Jambox Studios threw himself a big birthday bash along with his partner Cathy Palmisano at Sullivan Hall in NYC. They had an Open Mic Night as well as some celebrity performers such as Naked Cowboy and Lori Michaels and The Girls. Lori wanted me to make an appearance as Naked Cowgirl since I am a recording artist at Jambox Studios. It was another great party with many great photos that will also be on my facebook page soon.
Wednesday, July 20th...Times Square
Saturday, July 23rd...Times Square
Sunday, July 24th...T.S.
Wednesday, July 27th...T.S.
Friday, July 29th
Back into surgery AGAIN! Yes, one of the implants that was just put in was ruptured and had to be replaces (before I totally recovered and went back to work at the gym and hospital). This time the doctor had to do some reconstruction to make sure everything was even. She knows a big part of what I do for a living pertains to the condition my body is in. I just know that when I wore up I was thinking "Holy Crap! What happened and where is my pain medicine"?
Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
Here it is 5 days after my surgery and I have been taking pain meds. and laying down with ice packs almost around the clock. I did force myself to go into Times Square today and make an appearance even though my abdomen is totally swollen, my legs feel like jello and my steri-strips are slightly showing out of the sides of my bikini top. I was very conservative in everyting I did and did NOT remove the guitar from the front of my body...partly to hide my midsection, but mostly to protect myself from anyone bumping into me. I lasted a little over an hour and then it rained:)
I'm sure each day will get better, and I still have the whole month of August before things slow down a bit in the city.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 7/28/11

Time flies when you're having fun! It's been over six weeks since my last "Naked Cowgirl" update. My Cindy Fox Fitness "Fit To Fabulous" blog pertains more to health and fitness related issues...check it out! With all the jobs I have, including my family and condo to keep up with, I can't get into Times Square as often as I'd like to.
6/15/11...Times Square
6/16/11...Times Square
Friday, June 24
I went to Times Square during the day and then got picked up by Lori Michaels, her back-up dancer Courtney, and our amazing photographer Rula to get over to another Gay Pride Celebration at GSTAAD on West 26th Street. Lori was performing that night and wanted me to make a "Naked Cowgirl" appearance. It just happened to be the day that a bill was passed allowing Gay marriages to be legalized in New York. Needless to say, there was a lot of "Gay Cheer" in the air that night.
6/25/11...Times Square
Monday, June 27
Jimmy Gees Bar in Haledon had Open Mic night and advertised that "Naked Cowgirl" would be there for photos. I went there with Lori and the girls to mingle and take photos with the patrons...even out in the parking lot while I was getting dressed and had just my bikini and flip flops on. It didn't stop the guys from coming over for a photo!
7/1/11...Times Square
7/2/11...Times Square (After bringing my daughter to the airport on her way to Italy for a whole month with her college...I did get choked up)
July 4th...a great day in Times Square followed by relaxation and a glass of wine with my Naked Cowboy. Luckily, we could see the fireworks right outside my complex. I can't be outside in the evening at my complex more than a few minutes near the water without getting eaten alive with mosquito bites!!!
Tuesday, July 5th

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 6/9/11

When I was in the school chorus in the 4th & 5th grades I never wanted to do a solo performance. Although stepping out into Times Square in a bikini definitely took some getting used to, singing in front of a crowd of people was definitely the hardest part for me to overcome. Being a cheerleader all through high school, I often strained my voice and sounded like someone with laryngitis so I didn't even like singing "Happy Birthday" to people.
Friday, June 3rd
Here I was in Georgie's Bar, the "Gay Cheers" of Asbury Park, NJ watching as the place filled up. They all love Lori Michaels and the Girls and came to see them perform, but I realized there were also people there who came to see me like my youngest sister Leanna who drove down from Maine with her boyfriend Jason, my friends Adrienne (from the hospital) and Joe (from the gym) brought friends and of course my significant other Robert brought me there.
I was so excited to be performing my first song, "Ride It Like A Cowgirl", but also a nervous wreck. I was hoping that the dance I'd worked on, changed, and worked on some more would not only look good and fun to do, but that I would relax enough to really get into it the way I know I can. What I was concerned about even more than my singing was how my body would look on stage, under those lights, in front of all those people, especially with my #1 critic there...Naked Cowboy.
Lori first introduced my fabulous back-up dancers, Tiffeny, and Courtney who choreographed their dance, and then introduced me. The music started and after about 10 seconds my inner "Diva" came out and I was completely comfortable and totally into the whole thing. It was so much fun and can't wait to do it again! Everyone enjoyed it and told me it looked great, and even Robert (Naked Cowboy) was impressed with the whole thing...mission accomplished:)
Saturday, June 4th
Some German TV Network was coming into Times Square to do a story about Naked Cowboy's Franchise and a guy in Berlin that wants to be a Naked Cowboy in Germany. Todd Rubenstein, Naked Cowboy's manager asked me if I can be part of the filming, as well as Rob Coffman , owner of Hudson Hair in Secaucus,who has also signed a franchise agreement and occasionally makes an appearance in Times Square as a Naked Cowboy. The film crew spent a lot of time filming and interviewing the real Naked Cowboy and then brought in the other one and myself to interview and film us interacting with the people of Times Square.
Sunday, June 5th
Asbury Park was celebrating "Gay Pride" weekend with a big outdoor festival that had many great performers such as "Lisa Lisa" (Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam) and of course "Dyke Diva" Lori Michaels and the Girls. I was asked to be there to make an appearance as Naked Cowgirl and mingle with the crowd and take photos. Everyone was so excited to be there and very receptive of me. I had the opportunity to take photos with a lot of people as well as hand out my postcards advertising my new song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl", available on iTunes. What a great Weekend!!!
Wednesday, June 8th
My work day at the hospital ended at 3pm so I hopped a bus into Times Square and played out there from 5-7pm. It was a pretty busy day due to most of the theatres having two performances on Wednesdays. I had woke up that morning with a sore throat and wasn't sure how long I could last, but I stayed until I couldn't get the words out any longer. I started the Z-Pack the next day to make sure my voice was better by the weekend.
Saturday, June 11th
What a great day! I took my kids to see the Spiderman Play at the Foxwood Theatre on 42nd Street. They loved it and I was like a kid again watching Spiderman flying through the air doing acrobatics. When I was about 4 years old I swore I'd be a trapeze artist when I grew up!
After I brought them home, I drove back into Times Square with Rob Coffman, the other Naked Cowboy, since the real one was hired to do an event in Ohio. It felt pretty chilly to me and rained a little later on. I stayed out there about an hour and 45 mins. and then met up with my friend Minoo for a bit. Rob toughed it out another hour or so even once it started raining.
Sunday, June 13th
This is my only other day off from my other jobs so I had a lot of things to do around the CLEAN it! The day started off in the doctor's office with my daughter whose eyes swelled up from an allergic reaction to something. I missed my workout for two days in a row and was feeling quite irritable and I knew if I didn't go to Times Square soon, it was going to happen. Luckily there was no traffic driving into the Lincoln Tunnel and I was in Times Square in less than 30 minutes. the Puerto Rican Day Parade had just ended so the place was filled with a lot of people wearing their colors proudly. I popped my "G" string, on the guitar that is! Unfortunately, 20 minutes after I replaced it, it popped again. It must've been a bad pack of strings. I was still able to stand out there and take photos for about another 1/2 hour and then I took off. I decided it was a good day to order Chinese Food for the kids so I could get the house clean and still have time to sit with my daughter and watch "Eat, Love, Pray".

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 5/28/11

Tuesday, May 10th
I started taking guitar lessons at a guitar store in Rutherford with a gentleman named Jack. Up until now, the only lessons I've had were from Robert (Naked Cowboy), which has enabled me to play my version of his "I'm The Naked Cowboy..." and a few other things. I'm excited to learn as much as I can so I can stand out in Times Square for a much longer period of time.
Sunday, May 14th
I took a bus into Times Square to do a round before leaving with Robert and his assistant, Joe, to head over to an Oyster Event at Ulysees Folk House, which sells Blue Island Shellfish Farms' Naked Cowboy Oysters. I arranged a meeting there with my producer/manager Lori Michaels, Naked Cowboy's manager Todd Rubenstein, and myself for a "meeting of the master minds". They are both extremely creative,knowledgeable about the music industry,and are very motivated about promoting me as "The Naked Cowgirl". There are some great things coming up in the near future!
Wednesday, May 11th
While attending a Keith Collins Event a fews ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Blaze Coyle, who is now my voice coach. We agreed to swap services since I was looking to take voice lessons and she was looking for a Personal Trainer. It's the perfect match...SYNCHRONICITY!
Wednesday, May 18th
Lori Michaels, Courtney (dance choreographer/back-up dancer), Tiffeny (my other back-up dancer) and I met at the Secaucus Recreation Center to practice my song/dance "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" which is available on iTunes. My first performance of this song will be Friday, June 3rd at Georgie's Bar (the Gay "Cheers")in Asbury Park, NJ during Gay Pride weekend. Lori and the girls will be performing some of her songs along with Sasha X, and celebrity guest appearances by Eric Alt, Matt Martin, and Naked Cowboy. Doors open 8:30pm and show starts at 10:00.
Monday, May 23rd
I was invited to the Out Music Awards at Irving Plaza to walk the Red Carpet for some photos with Lori Michaels, who was performing one of her songs "Unconditional". Naked Cowboy and I went together and were interviewed and photographed by numerous people.
Tuesday, May 24th
Giuseppe D., co-prducer of my song, threw a big birthday bash at a club in New York called Teqa on 3rd Ave. (between 30th & 31st street). I took a bus and got into Times Square around 9pm and played out there for a while. The weather was like a summer day and it was very busy. Naked Cowboy and I went to the party and met some nice people and had a great time!
Wednesday, June 25th
With just 10 days before my show, I went to Celebrity Hair Stylist, Eric Alt to highlight and trim my hair. He did a great job, as always! Eric and I will be working on some promotional projects together in the near future so we decided it would be a great idea for me to start training him so I can return the favor and make him look as fabulous as he makes me look:)
Friday, May 27th
Robert and I flew to Ohio to visit his hometown,Greenhills to see his friends and family and to participate in the Memorial Day Weekend festivities here. His brother Kenny has been playing in a band for many years, and a few years ago started traveling on occasion together as the "Naked Cowboy's Band". They had a practice last night and will be playing tonight at the "Mayfest" in Greenhills at 7pm. Both of us will be walking the "Taste of Cincinnati" from 12-3 today and tomorrow. Being this is the hometown of the Naked Cowboy, where everyone here knows him since it all started, it will be interesting to see the reactions from the "locals" when they see "The Naked COWGIRL"...stay tuned for updates and go to my "Naked Cowgirl" fanpage on Facebook to check out the photos and videos throughout the weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 5/5/11

Thursday,April 28th
I had a great meeting in Edgewater, NJ with Aron Schoenfeld, Lori Michaels, Courtney Lynch, and Rula Kanawati about the endless possibilities available by the merging of the "Naked Cowgirl" brand and New Legacy Mobile and Vlassified. With their knowledge of future technology on the rise and our passion and positive energy, our fans will be able to receive instant up-to-date messages from us about all of the fabulous things going on. Just text "cowgirl" to 82257 to get started!
Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1st
I finally got some nice weather to be out in Times square. I went into the city with Naked Cowboy on Saturday and stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, which for him means almost 4 hours. On Sunday, I decided to take the bus in and meet him since I do NOT have a cleaning lady and needed to clean my condo. on my day OFF. So I met up with the cowboy around 2:30 and stayed for 1 1/2 hours with still enough time to come home and cook for my family:)
Wednesday, May4th
My morning started off walking my dog and meeting "Larry The Cable Guy" outside my condo with his crew as they were getting ready to film an episode of "Only In America" for next season, which probably won't be aired until the end of this year. This episode was based around the interesting things and people of New york City, which of course included the Naked Cowboy. Larry got to dress up as the Naked Cowboy for the day and see what it's really like to walk around half naked in the rain.
Since Naked Cowboy is an Ordained Minister, he performed a wedding ceremony having Larry as the best man and me, the Naked Cowgirl, as the Maid of Honor. Sachiko and Rob Coffman (owners of were renewing their vows for the ceremony. Although it was raining, there was still quite a crowd around us yelling "Get 'er Done"!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 4/26/11

Sunday, April 17th
It was my day off from my other jobs so I had the opportunity to hit Times Square in my boots, hat, and bikini and play a little guitar and take photos for several hundred people that walked by that day. It wasn't that warm out yet, but it beats being out there when it's only in the 30's!
Tuesday, April 19th
I had a dance practice at Starlight Dance Studio with Lori Michaels, Courtney Lynch, and "Sasha X"(formerly Sasha A. Mess), a fabulous Dancer/choreographer that Lori works with and has performed with. He had some great tips for me for my "Cowgirl Dance". Lori had a film crew there filming the practice as part of a documentary they are doing on her.
Thursday, April 21
I decided to take advantage of the group exercise room at the Secaucus Recreation Center to practice my dance while there was not a film crew and bunch of great dancers watching me. All growing up I was always the kind of person who hated learning something new in front of other people. I'm not sure if it's because of the shy side of me (believe it or not!) or the perfectionist in me that hates to NOT be great at everything I try to do. I'm sure it's a combination, but whatever it is I'm trying to overcome it.
Friday, April 22
It was Good Friday so a lot of people were off from work or school and so was I, so I went into Times Square with Naked Cowboy. It was actually pretty cold and windy out but I lasted an hour and he was out there 1 1/2 hours. It was super busy and a great day to be there. One of the Photographers that works in the area came up to me and said he's starting to think I only like the cold weather since I keep missing all the warm days so far due to my other jobs. The best is still ahead!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 4/17/11

Sunday, April 10th
This week ended as good as it started! Last Sunday was a chilly, but fairly sunny day in Times Square where I stood for about an hour playing guitar and taking photos with people from all over the world. I usually hand out one of my postcards to each person who gets a photo with me and often they find me on Facebook and "tag" the photo. It's nice to find out later on a little bit about the person, such as a name or origin.
From there I was picked up by Lori Michaels, Rula Kanawati, and Courtney Lynch to attend the Unveiling of the GIO Photo Gallery at RF Lounge to benefit the LGBT Center in NYC. The Photos on display, taken by Kristen Zier of KMT Photography, have real heart-felt meaning to her and those who came out to support her. One photo in particular caught my attention so much that I had to purchase it for a friend of mine who is pregnant and I knew would be deeply touched by it. Special Guests included Elvis Duran (Z100's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show), Lori Micheals (Musician/Record Producer), and honorary host, Matt Martin. To see a Youtube Video of the event, go to " The Unveiling of the GIO Photo Gallery at RF Lounge- 4.10.11".
Thursday, April 14th
I met with Lori Michaels and Courtney Lynch at the Secaucus Recreation Center to work on our "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" dance. Our first appearance is on June 3rd at Georgie's Bar in Asbury Park and we want to make sure everybody is doing the "Cowgirl Dance"!
Saturday, April 16th
Naked Cowboy and I went to a Keith Collins event last night at Foundation on Essex St. in NY . As always, Keith filled the place with fun people, photographers, drinks and good music. Details about his new film coming out this summer and photos from the night will be posted soon. One good thing about going out half naked is that when you're walking in a torrential down pour, you don't have to worry about your clothes getting wet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": Naked Cowgirl Updates 4-10-11

The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": Naked Cowgirl Updates 4-10-11: "Spring is here and so is some nicer weather...much better for the semi-naked people in Times Square. Although I've been going out there al..."

Naked Cowgirl Updates 4-10-11

Spring is here and so is some nicer weather...much better for the semi-naked people in Times Square. Although I've been going out there all winter, I'm now able to stay a bit longer, which means more people and more photos! March 23rd was my first practice with Lori Michaels and Courtney Lynch to prepare for our performance of "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" at Georgie's Bar in Asbury Park on June 3rd. Courtney has choreographed an upbeat,hip-hop type of dance for my back up dancers while I'll be doing an easy-to-follow "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" Dance...and you WILL be doing it! We're working on getting discount rates at one of the hotels in Asbury Park for all of you who want to stay and have an awesome night. Follow me on my "Naked Cowgirl" Facebook page to stay updated. This past Wednesday, April 6th I appeared on Steppin' Out Live with Chauncey Hayden. A stretch Limo picked me up along with my producer, Lori Michaels and our photographer Rula Kanawati, who by the way, is amazing! You've got to check out the photos on my Facebook page that she took from the show. It took place in a back room of a Gentlemen's Club in NYC called Sapphires...very nice place! I'll be in Times Square today between 1:30 and 3pm, and most likely tomorrow around the same time and then next weekend. Follow me on Twitter (search Cindy Fox Fitness) to know when I'm heading out there to come take a phto with me:)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates

On Monday night I went with Lori Michaels "Dyke Diva" and Rula Kanawati (Photographer) to Sirius Satelite Radio with "Derek and Romaine" to be interviewed live. They wanted to speak with Lori about her new song "Tattletale" and her recent trip to South Beach to perform it at the music festival down there. They also spoke about her Duet with Danielle Staub "Jersey Housewives", among other things.
They then introduced me on the show as the "Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl" and asked some questions about the lawsuit Naked Cowboy has with Sandy Kane, the unlicensed, older woman acting as a naked cowgirl in Times Square for the last 2 years. I really couldn't say much about it, since it hasn't legally been resolved, even though she had told "her version" of it to some press.
Derek and Romaine asked me some questions about handling the cold weather, at which time I told them to go to my "Naked Cowgirl Fan Page" on Facebook to see the photos of me playing the guitar in Times Square in the middle of our huge blizzard in December. We also spoke about my new song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" that will soon have a "Cowgirl Dance" that will sweep the nation. They concluded the interview by playing my song on the radio...awesome interview!

Tuesday night the three of us, along with Courntey Lynch, the choreographer for my "Cowgirl Dance" went to Jimmy Geez Bar in Haledon to make an appearance and pass out postcards. Lori is cousins with Jimmy and told him we'd come in the take photos and help promote his "Live-Music Tuesdays". Jeron, the guitarist for the night brought me up to the mic to introduce me and then started playing a John Cougar tune to me.

Thursday I went into Times Square for St. Patrick's Day with Naked Cowboy and his assistant, Joe Vito. The placed was packed with people dressed in Green, mostly young people, and many of whom were already drunk by 4pm. It was a beautiful, sunny day un the mid 70's...perfect for walking around in a bikini playing a guitar! TMZ caught Robert (Cowboy) and interviewed him about the lawsuit with Sandy Kane and the information disclosed to the press, which technically puts her in contempt of court. Joe came to find me to come get interiewed as well when they were done. A group of about 10 drunken Irishmen came up to get photos with me while we were interviewing. I'm not sure at this point if they actually covered the story on TV yet, but from what I've seen on their show, that might be a good

I drove up to Boston yesterday morning with Robert for the Boston Seafood Convention whiNaked Cowboy ch he will be helping Blue Island Shellfish Farms promote their "Naked Cowboy Oysters" which are being sold all over the country. We attended a "meet & greet" reception at the Westin Hotel last night. We almost didn't get in being they didn't want Naked Cowboy coming into the place in his undies and promoting one of the companies, giving the other companies an unfair disadvantage. Luckily he purchased a red, white and blue boxer's robe at G & S Boxing Supply Co. to wear over his costume specifically for this reason. We did get in and everyone was amuzed.
Today we will be going to the convention center where he will be standing at their booth taking photos and singing his "Naked Cowboy Oyster" jingle to passers by. I'm sure I'll be walking around a bit grabbing some business cards and sampling some of the products that have no central nervous system like mussles, oysters, clams, and scallops (the only fish I'll eat).
Don't forget to vote for me (last 2 days) in Q104.3. "Hottest Mom" contest (over 35). I feel like I'm being a pain in the but sending all of these reminders, but when I see some of the people winning, I realize they must really be pestering people to vote for them. Thanks for your support!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": March 13, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates

The Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl "FOX": March 13, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates: "Being the 'Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl' I feel it's important to be consistent with the 'brand' of the Naked Cowboy, so I am watching ..."

March 13, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates

Being the "Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl" I feel it's important to be consistent with the "brand" of the Naked Cowboy, so I am watching and learning from the "one and only". I even have a new bikini that's all white and has "Naked Cowgirl" on the butt! If you go to you can go to a link that has his "trail of events", as he calls it,
listing everything he's done for years from Times Square to Australia. I prefer to write an occasional blog with updates for anyone interested in knowing, but mostly for myself to have recorded.
I believe I already blogged about an interview on February 11th (a frigid day in Times Square) with some guys who used to work for Time Out Magazine. Once their article/video is done, I'll post it on my Naked Cowgirl Facebook page. Make sure you go to that page and "Like" it so you can stay updated on all exciting upcoming events. I did go out two more times during the cold month of February, but considering I can only last 20 or 30 minutes, it's not worth my canceling clients that I could be training at the gym.
We also did a Mardi Gras themed Charity Event at the Newark Bears Stadium in Newark New Jersey for an organization that gives back to the community. Felipe Rose, the Indian
from The Village People, and Lori Micaels, Dyke Diva were crowned King and Queen of the event. The place was decorated and organized in a way that made the event a huge
March 1st was the day my very first song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" hit iTunes...check it out! It's a Lori Michaels/Hothead Production. You can also go to for the link. Rula Kanawati is our photographer on the project and Courtney Lynch is choreographing the "Cowgirl" dance to go with it. Once the dance is finished we will have a "Release Party" for all to come here the song and learn the dance. It will go viral on Youtube and people will be up on the dance floor doing it at all Weddings, Parties, Sweet 16's, etc.... Move over Electric Slide!
March 5th I went to Daytona Beach for Bike Week with Naked Cowboy, his two friends Jim and Sue, and his photographer friend Justin Loughman, who got some awesome photos and a little Youtube video posted on my Facebook. The weather was perfect, the streets were packed, and the people were very receptive and polite and eager to get photos with both of us.
March 6th we went to St. Armond's Circle (near Bradenton Beach), which is a very nice area filled with upscale boutiques, restaurants, and bars. I was invited into the Daquiri Deck to come up and sing a song to the customers and take photos with them. The manager gave me free drink passes and we all hung out there for a while having a fun time.
Robert (Naked Cowboy) convinced me to enter Q104.3 "Hottest Mom" Contest, which I didn't win round 1 (didn't enter round 2), but am now entered in Round 3. Voting starts tonight after midnight on their website http://www.q104.3com/ (Hottest mom contest- over 35). It is based strictly on the most amount of votes and each voter can vote once per day ALL WEEK. Please take a minute (starting Monday) to vote and pass it on to your friends. Thanks for your support:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Great Interview, Great Experience!

Friday, February 11th

I had the opportunity today to be a part of an all-day interview Naked Cowboy had with a reporter, who previously interviewed him while working for Time Out Magazine. John, Evan, and Sof came to my place and spoke with Robert (Naked Cowboy) for a some time in the living room while I went on my laptop in the dining room. Eventually, I joined them, staying out of the way and just listening. Being that Robert and I have been together for over 6 years and known each other for 7, my name came up several times. Eventually, we sat together for the interview so they could ask me some questions about how we met, and several other topics.
We took them to VIP Fitness in Lyndhurst, where I teach a spin class as well as train clients, so they could film us doing one of our workouts. Since I had already told them that Robert and I met on Ellipticals next to each other, it only seemed right to start off our workout warming up on the Ellipticals. We didn't want to bore them with a long, grueling workout, so we just did one set for each body part to give a sample of what we would normally do.
While the guys grabbed some lunch, we went home to get ready for a round in Times Square. The ride into New York City consisted of an in-depth conversation of politics and Robert's political platform when he decided to run for President. I completely stayed out of that conversation! Once we got to the ICON Parking Garage on 44th and Broadway, we changed almost as quickly as Clark Kent turns into Superman. The temperature was only in the 30's so we didn't want to waste time talking in the garage half naked.
The guys filmed us walking out to the corner and stayed with Naked Cowboy, while I crossed the street to the opposite corner playing the guitar, but mostly taking photos with people in the city. Within 10 minutes or so, the guys came over to film the people in Times Square interacting with me and taking photos with me. I hand my "Naked Cowgirl" postcards to people who take a photo with me, which has my website on it so they can get to my facebook and this blog, of course! it also has the 1-800-99-naked contact number which would go to Todd Rubenstein, manager of Naked Cowboy Enterprises for anyone looking to book either of us for parties or events. I lasted 23 minutes out there and Naked Cowboy was out in the cold for over 45 minutes. For someone who's so "cut-up", he sure has thick skin to be able to handle that cold!
We're not sure yet exactly where this interview will turn up, but it was definitely a great experience for me both as "Cindy Fox Fitness" and as "Naked Cowgirl". The guys also seemed very pleased to have me involved, since they originally didn't know anything about me or that I'd be willing to participate in their interview. It was a very productive day for all!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visiting Fashion Magazines and Radio Stations in London

Wednesday started with another sleepless night and a wake-up call at 8am. One of the Magazines here held a contest and the winner, Louise, and her Aunt won a free night at the Jurys Inn Hotel with breakfast with the Naked Cowboy. I met up with them to be friendly and to take some photos to email to them.
Robert and I took a walk to the nearest tanning salon for a 7-min. maintenance tan before getting picked up at 12:30 by Kate, another P. R. person working with NY Bakery. We visited London School of Economics for a radio interview and then got to see where the Theatre district is. The area reminds me of Greenwich Village in NY.
Our next stop was at "Heat", a gossip magazine, then More Magazine, and finally Reveal Magazine, all to stop in and say "hi" and drop off some bagels to promote NY Bakery. We had a quick bite at Neil's Corner Sandwich Shop (Robert had chicken breast and I had grilled veggies). We walked up and down Carnaby street which has several blocks of awesome shops. I didn't stop into any, as we had to keep moving while Naked Cowboy was playing...
it was pretty cold out!
After some relaxation, baths, coffee, etc....we decided to go find a place to sit and eat, since we hadn't done that in the three days we were here. Being mostly vegan, I almost never get to open a menu and just order from it without it being a project, so when I saw TAI Vegan buffet....I HAD to go in there to eat! We did get some strange looks as Robert walked into an all vegan restaurant wearing a full length mink coat! He sat and had tea while I eat and then I went with him to Su Su Sushi and just drank tea while he ate....strange, but we were both happy.
We did get to bed probably by 10:30 or so and slept a little better, but not straight through and not without both of us waking up with night sweats (no clue what that was about!). By 8am we were back out the door with Kate again on our way to Gaydar Radio, a gay radio show in Twickenham that interviewed Naked Cowboy. On our way to visit the employees at Star Magazine we passed the House of Parliament and took some photos and continued on to Cosmopolitan Magazine for another guest appearance. The people seemed pretty excited to get their photos taken with him, especially since there was some articles in the local papers about his appearance at St. Pancras International Station.
We stopped at Carlton Coffee House on the way to the station, since we hadn't eaten all morning, and as usual, he got the chicken breast and I got the grilled veggies. It's a good thing we stopped because we spent several hours at the train station in front of the table with the New York Bakery Bagel samples. Naked Cowboy played the guitar and took photos with passersby and posed for some news cameras. I took many photos for people who didn't have a camera and told them to go to my Facebook profile which is linked to so they can tag themselves in their photos. It was a great day followed by our own little photo op in the room with some wine and relaxation. I have to admit that I finally caved in to a night of snacking...rice crackers, a protein bar, and then instant oatmeal. I think it will really help me sleep better:)
We are set to be picked up by a car service at 11:30 and taken to the airport for a 4pm flight. This will give us some time in the morning to go running and chill out before departing. Cheers!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Day in London...Visiting the Sites

Luckily the hotel has "wake-up" calls since our cells are not in use and there is no clock in the room (seems odd to me). We were met in the Lobby at 8am by Jude, a P.R. person hired by NY Bakery to handle all of the arrangements of this trip and then to the "Coffee Bar" to meet the rest of the crew(Gemma, Iain, John, and Rosie). Our first "Tourist Attraction" of the day was Trafalgar Square, one of the most famous squares in the United Kingdom> At it's centre is Nelson's Column, guarded by four lion statues at its base.
Piccadilly Circus, a busy plaza in the heart of London at the Junction of Five major streets was next.We got some great photos right in the center of the circle during the vehicle's stop signal. What really caught my attention was the wire hanging high above one street connected to two poles. In New Jersey and New York I've seen shoes dangling with the laces tied together thrown over the phone wires, but here....a table and two chairs hung from the wires! You can see the photos by going to and clicking on my Facebook link (there are more than one Cindy Fox on there).
We walked Regent Street which has a great shopping area, passed Oxford Circus, and made our way over the Millennium Bridge, which goes over the Thames River. By this time, we were all in need of recharging...Starbucks at South Bank...YAY!!!! I hadn't eaten a thing so far. We continued taking photos and got video footage of Naked Cowboy for New York Bakery's website in front of the London Eye, a famous, gigantic Ferris wheel. You can actually see Big Ben in the background behind it in the distance, although we did pass it to get some photos there as well.
Once we got to Jubilee Market, which was our final destination, I actually had a little time to stop and go into some shops and look for souvenirs for my kids. For any of my past followers from "Cindy's 7am Coffee Club" on course I bought a new COFFEE MUG! We finished for the day and returned to the hotel around
2PM. We both crashed on the bed for a while for some needed sleep. It was a great nap that left us ready for whatever came next. After a protein bar a 2 more coffees, we went out for a jog going in the opposite direction from the last jog. It was definitely more enjoyable without the rain.
After showering again for the 4th time, we went for a walk to find dinner. Instead we went into a super market looking for wine and snacks that we'd actually eat. Considering our first taxi driver told us there's a lot of vegetarians and healthy foods, I was shocked when I couldn't find ONE THING besides a bottle of wine that I'd actually eat that wasn't fattening or animal products...not even pretzels! Robert brought cans of tuna and protein bars and bought carrots and tomatoes that he ate.
So back to the room with a glass of wine to chill out. By 8pm I was on Facebook catching up with friends and family and then started my first day's blog. Robert was a sleep by 8:30. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep on an empty stomach so I made some instant oatmeal that I brought. For some reason he was up tossing and turning and finally asked me why the cell phone given to us by the company had 22:20 on it. I was thinking, "Don't tell me it's only 10:20"! I thought it was at least
He ate another protein bar and took another bath and no luck sleeping. Now I couldn't sleep and took a shot at the bath (which I'm not a big fan of usually). We finally fell asleep around 4am and woke to our 7am wake-up call. I told him to call them again and get another wake-up call for 8am. Good thing my biological clock woke me up exactly that time, because we never got the second call and we had to be in the lobby by 9am. Coffee!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day in London with Naked Cowboy and New York Bakery

Naked Cowboy has been hired by New York Bakery to come to London to promote their NY style bagels. Apparently the bagels here in London need to be toasted, where as our NY bagels (my personal favorites have been from Bagel Buffet in Secaucus, NJ)are totally yummy plain and untoasted. This will explain why some of the photos I've posted on my facebook page (search "Cindy Fox" or "Cindy Fox Fitness")have several photos of Naked Cowboy holding bagels, and even wearing them on his "bling" of a chain.
Yesterday(Monday)morning we walked out the door at 5:20am, in what felt like 15 degrees (farenheight), to find the 2-year old Escalade had a dead battery. Actually, I found out as I opened the front door of my condo to bring out my suitcase and heard him screaming something about (it's dead!)loud enought for the whole complex to hear. Of Couse I'm partly frightened and partly wondering who the hell he's screaming to at 5:20am. Luckily, one of our neighbors whom we've never met before (Matt)was passing to get to his car to get to work and actually stopped to help us jumpstart the truck, even though neither of them had cable and I did, but he was the one who knew how to do it.
Fast foward....we checked in on time and had an awesome flight! Being that I barely have time (or the attention span) to sit and read more than 3 pages per week when I'm home, sitting on a plane for 7 hours gave me plenty of time to get absorbed in a great book (The 7 Signs of Synchronicity). Of course being "almost vegan" I brought some protein bars and rice cakes with me. The plane offered me a vegetarian pasta, which I ate even though I KNOW there was dairy in that sauce, which at home I wouldn't have eaten, hence the description of "almost vegan". My food consumption for the day consisted of a Cliff Bar, small vegetarian past, a few rice cakes, a Luna bar, and then 1/2 of another Cliff Bar before we went jogging at 11:35 pm in the cold rain. The first 10 minutes wasn't bad, but I hated the last 20 and was cursing him out under my breathe for convincing me to much pressure!!
We tried to fall asleep at 1am knowing we had to meet in the lobby to start our day at 8am. I Think we might've dosed off periodically, although tossed and turned most of the night. Suprisingly, we were wide awake and ready to start the day touring London and taking a LOT of photos.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day in Times Square 2011

May day started at 6:50am this morning to the alarm that would make sure I was on time for work. No, I was not going to Times Square as the Naked Cowgirl at 7am, I was heading to Hackensack University Medical Center where I am a part-time x-ray tech. Like New York City, hospitals NEVER SLEEP! Luckily, I only had to work 4 hours for the holiday which gave me enough time to rush home, change from my scrubs into my bikini, and get into the ICON parking garage on 44th and Broadway by 1:30pm.
Considering it was less than a week ago I was out there during the big blizzard in 22 degree temperatures, 48 degrees felt pretty good. I've never had the desire to be in the heart of Times Square to watch the ball drop. Believe it or not, I hate being cold and don't participate in many outdoor activities. Never mind the fact that your shoulder-to-shoulder with people for MANY HOURS if you plan on seeing the ball drop.
Today was perfect! It was super busy, a bit warmer, still confetti on the ground, and there was NO TRAFFIC coming from New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel. A few days ago, I actually got off the bus in Union City, NJ at the last stop BEFORE the tunnel because the traffic was SOOO BAD that I wouldn't have made it back on time to train my clients that evening. Did I mention I'm also a Personal Trainer? You can go to to see more.
I lasted 1 hour and 25 minutes before my thighs tensed up so much from shivering. It was incredibly busy and very nice to take hundreds of photos with all the tourists from all over the world that were here to experience the tradition that Dick Clark started years ago in Times Square, New York. Happy New Year to all of you who read this. Feel free to leave a comment and also visit my other website