Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visiting Fashion Magazines and Radio Stations in London

Wednesday started with another sleepless night and a wake-up call at 8am. One of the Magazines here held a contest and the winner, Louise, and her Aunt won a free night at the Jurys Inn Hotel with breakfast with the Naked Cowboy. I met up with them to be friendly and to take some photos to email to them.
Robert and I took a walk to the nearest tanning salon for a 7-min. maintenance tan before getting picked up at 12:30 by Kate, another P. R. person working with NY Bakery. We visited London School of Economics for a radio interview and then got to see where the Theatre district is. The area reminds me of Greenwich Village in NY.
Our next stop was at "Heat", a gossip magazine, then More Magazine, and finally Reveal Magazine, all to stop in and say "hi" and drop off some bagels to promote NY Bakery. We had a quick bite at Neil's Corner Sandwich Shop (Robert had chicken breast and I had grilled veggies). We walked up and down Carnaby street which has several blocks of awesome shops. I didn't stop into any, as we had to keep moving while Naked Cowboy was playing...
it was pretty cold out!
After some relaxation, baths, coffee, etc....we decided to go find a place to sit and eat, since we hadn't done that in the three days we were here. Being mostly vegan, I almost never get to open a menu and just order from it without it being a project, so when I saw TAI Vegan buffet....I HAD to go in there to eat! We did get some strange looks as Robert walked into an all vegan restaurant wearing a full length mink coat! He sat and had tea while I eat and then I went with him to Su Su Sushi and just drank tea while he ate....strange, but we were both happy.
We did get to bed probably by 10:30 or so and slept a little better, but not straight through and not without both of us waking up with night sweats (no clue what that was about!). By 8am we were back out the door with Kate again on our way to Gaydar Radio, a gay radio show in Twickenham that interviewed Naked Cowboy. On our way to visit the employees at Star Magazine we passed the House of Parliament and took some photos and continued on to Cosmopolitan Magazine for another guest appearance. The people seemed pretty excited to get their photos taken with him, especially since there was some articles in the local papers about his appearance at St. Pancras International Station.
We stopped at Carlton Coffee House on the way to the station, since we hadn't eaten all morning, and as usual, he got the chicken breast and I got the grilled veggies. It's a good thing we stopped because we spent several hours at the train station in front of the table with the New York Bakery Bagel samples. Naked Cowboy played the guitar and took photos with passersby and posed for some news cameras. I took many photos for people who didn't have a camera and told them to go to my Facebook profile which is linked to so they can tag themselves in their photos. It was a great day followed by our own little photo op in the room with some wine and relaxation. I have to admit that I finally caved in to a night of snacking...rice crackers, a protein bar, and then instant oatmeal. I think it will really help me sleep better:)
We are set to be picked up by a car service at 11:30 and taken to the airport for a 4pm flight. This will give us some time in the morning to go running and chill out before departing. Cheers!

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