Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates August 3, 2011

For some strange reason, I often have a difficult time saving and publishing my posts properly on here, so my last blog was cut short, missing a few weeks and without any photos. I was just too frustrated, after all efforts were made, to even try and fix the here is the rest of my Naked Cowgirl Updates.
Thursday, June 30
I went to a birthday bash at The Shannon on First Street in Hoboken, NJ for a friend of mine, Blaze Coyle, who I also train and is my voice coach. The back room was filled with her friends and co-workers as well as a mutual friend of ours, Lee, from my town. The DJ played my song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" when I walked into the room as The Naked Cowgirl. The Manager took plenty of photos of not only her guests, but also the patrons that filled the front of the bar. If you were there that night, check to see my photos.
Tuesday, July 5th
I had to go in for surgery to have my breast implants replaced due to a problem I was having with one that was interfering with everything I do (Times Square, teaching fitness classes, running, laying on my stomach, etc...). I got them 17 years ago after my 2nd child and have had several problems since. I think the very strenuous exercises I do in my classes, specifically push-ups have not been good for them. I don't regret them; let's face can't nurse THREE children and still have perky boobs!!!
Thursday, July 7th
Not only did I go on the Elliptical (without using the arms of course)to get rid of water retention 2 days after surgery, but I felt and looked good enough to make an appearance as Naked Cowgirl in place of Naked Cowboy since he was already booked. Pupie Raia, very well known in Hoboken for his contributions and political ties threw himself a big birthday bash at Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken, which he has been doing for years. He provides food and beverages and great entertainment for friends and family and anyone in the community who wants to come celebrate with him. He is also the brother of one of my neighbors. I showed up with my friend & neighbor, Erika Muller, the "Blond Bombshell" Insurance Guru of Hoboken and my Manager/Producer ; Celebrity Artist Lori Michaels. I felt completely safe from any possible tight hugs that might hurt my boobs. They were also great with getting me photographed with as many people as I could and also with getting me on my way out in one hour so I could be out of my bikini and back in my ace bandage and ice packs.
Friday, July 8th
I had my follow up doctor apt. and informed her that something wasn't right, but she told me to wait until the swelling went down. I went into Times Square for a little while to make an appearance since I felt good.
Saturday, July 9th
I skipped Times Square for a good cause. My mom and little niece were in for a week from Florida and we had a family party for Alyssa's 4th birthday. I don't get days off very often with all of my jobs and I miss most family parties. I was invited to a birthday Party that evening at The Standard Hotel in NYC for Olympic Ice Skater, Johnny Weir's birthday Party so I could present him with his birthday cake as Naked Cowgirl. For some strange reason the woman at the door could not let me in wearing my cowgirl outfit even though I have a full bikini on and that Johnny's manager was aware of my being there. Apparently a few days prior to that a "Fake" naked cowboy and naked cowgirl showed up there for a party and I'm pretty sure tainted my image and had management "assuming" I was that same person (possibly only wearing pasties or something trashy). It's too bad an imposter ruined the night for so many people, but all in all it was a great day!
Sunday, July 10...Times Square
Wednesday, July 13...Times Square
Friday, July 15...T.S.
Saturday, July 16...T.S.
Sunday, July 17th
I was a little sad to know it was my daughter's 19th birthday and I could see her since she was still in Italy, but I was glad she was having some great experiences. I met up with Naked Cowboy in Times Square later in the afternoon, as did one of his franchisees, Rob Cofmann (owner of Haircutters in the Meadows in Secaucus). Robert, the real Naked Cowboy was performing that night at Ha Comedy Club so we both wanted to be there to cheer him on. The crowd loved him!
Monday, July 18th
Lee Evans of Jambox Studios threw himself a big birthday bash along with his partner Cathy Palmisano at Sullivan Hall in NYC. They had an Open Mic Night as well as some celebrity performers such as Naked Cowboy and Lori Michaels and The Girls. Lori wanted me to make an appearance as Naked Cowgirl since I am a recording artist at Jambox Studios. It was another great party with many great photos that will also be on my facebook page soon.
Wednesday, July 20th...Times Square
Saturday, July 23rd...Times Square
Sunday, July 24th...T.S.
Wednesday, July 27th...T.S.
Friday, July 29th
Back into surgery AGAIN! Yes, one of the implants that was just put in was ruptured and had to be replaces (before I totally recovered and went back to work at the gym and hospital). This time the doctor had to do some reconstruction to make sure everything was even. She knows a big part of what I do for a living pertains to the condition my body is in. I just know that when I wore up I was thinking "Holy Crap! What happened and where is my pain medicine"?
Wednesday, Aug. 3rd
Here it is 5 days after my surgery and I have been taking pain meds. and laying down with ice packs almost around the clock. I did force myself to go into Times Square today and make an appearance even though my abdomen is totally swollen, my legs feel like jello and my steri-strips are slightly showing out of the sides of my bikini top. I was very conservative in everyting I did and did NOT remove the guitar from the front of my body...partly to hide my midsection, but mostly to protect myself from anyone bumping into me. I lasted a little over an hour and then it rained:)
I'm sure each day will get better, and I still have the whole month of August before things slow down a bit in the city.