Saturday, May 28, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 5/28/11

Tuesday, May 10th
I started taking guitar lessons at a guitar store in Rutherford with a gentleman named Jack. Up until now, the only lessons I've had were from Robert (Naked Cowboy), which has enabled me to play my version of his "I'm The Naked Cowboy..." and a few other things. I'm excited to learn as much as I can so I can stand out in Times Square for a much longer period of time.
Sunday, May 14th
I took a bus into Times Square to do a round before leaving with Robert and his assistant, Joe, to head over to an Oyster Event at Ulysees Folk House, which sells Blue Island Shellfish Farms' Naked Cowboy Oysters. I arranged a meeting there with my producer/manager Lori Michaels, Naked Cowboy's manager Todd Rubenstein, and myself for a "meeting of the master minds". They are both extremely creative,knowledgeable about the music industry,and are very motivated about promoting me as "The Naked Cowgirl". There are some great things coming up in the near future!
Wednesday, May 11th
While attending a Keith Collins Event a fews ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Blaze Coyle, who is now my voice coach. We agreed to swap services since I was looking to take voice lessons and she was looking for a Personal Trainer. It's the perfect match...SYNCHRONICITY!
Wednesday, May 18th
Lori Michaels, Courtney (dance choreographer/back-up dancer), Tiffeny (my other back-up dancer) and I met at the Secaucus Recreation Center to practice my song/dance "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" which is available on iTunes. My first performance of this song will be Friday, June 3rd at Georgie's Bar (the Gay "Cheers")in Asbury Park, NJ during Gay Pride weekend. Lori and the girls will be performing some of her songs along with Sasha X, and celebrity guest appearances by Eric Alt, Matt Martin, and Naked Cowboy. Doors open 8:30pm and show starts at 10:00.
Monday, May 23rd
I was invited to the Out Music Awards at Irving Plaza to walk the Red Carpet for some photos with Lori Michaels, who was performing one of her songs "Unconditional". Naked Cowboy and I went together and were interviewed and photographed by numerous people.
Tuesday, May 24th
Giuseppe D., co-prducer of my song, threw a big birthday bash at a club in New York called Teqa on 3rd Ave. (between 30th & 31st street). I took a bus and got into Times Square around 9pm and played out there for a while. The weather was like a summer day and it was very busy. Naked Cowboy and I went to the party and met some nice people and had a great time!
Wednesday, June 25th
With just 10 days before my show, I went to Celebrity Hair Stylist, Eric Alt to highlight and trim my hair. He did a great job, as always! Eric and I will be working on some promotional projects together in the near future so we decided it would be a great idea for me to start training him so I can return the favor and make him look as fabulous as he makes me look:)
Friday, May 27th
Robert and I flew to Ohio to visit his hometown,Greenhills to see his friends and family and to participate in the Memorial Day Weekend festivities here. His brother Kenny has been playing in a band for many years, and a few years ago started traveling on occasion together as the "Naked Cowboy's Band". They had a practice last night and will be playing tonight at the "Mayfest" in Greenhills at 7pm. Both of us will be walking the "Taste of Cincinnati" from 12-3 today and tomorrow. Being this is the hometown of the Naked Cowboy, where everyone here knows him since it all started, it will be interesting to see the reactions from the "locals" when they see "The Naked COWGIRL"...stay tuned for updates and go to my "Naked Cowgirl" fanpage on Facebook to check out the photos and videos throughout the weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Naked Cowgirl Updates 5/5/11

Thursday,April 28th
I had a great meeting in Edgewater, NJ with Aron Schoenfeld, Lori Michaels, Courtney Lynch, and Rula Kanawati about the endless possibilities available by the merging of the "Naked Cowgirl" brand and New Legacy Mobile and Vlassified. With their knowledge of future technology on the rise and our passion and positive energy, our fans will be able to receive instant up-to-date messages from us about all of the fabulous things going on. Just text "cowgirl" to 82257 to get started!
Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1st
I finally got some nice weather to be out in Times square. I went into the city with Naked Cowboy on Saturday and stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, which for him means almost 4 hours. On Sunday, I decided to take the bus in and meet him since I do NOT have a cleaning lady and needed to clean my condo. on my day OFF. So I met up with the cowboy around 2:30 and stayed for 1 1/2 hours with still enough time to come home and cook for my family:)
Wednesday, May4th
My morning started off walking my dog and meeting "Larry The Cable Guy" outside my condo with his crew as they were getting ready to film an episode of "Only In America" for next season, which probably won't be aired until the end of this year. This episode was based around the interesting things and people of New york City, which of course included the Naked Cowboy. Larry got to dress up as the Naked Cowboy for the day and see what it's really like to walk around half naked in the rain.
Since Naked Cowboy is an Ordained Minister, he performed a wedding ceremony having Larry as the best man and me, the Naked Cowgirl, as the Maid of Honor. Sachiko and Rob Coffman (owners of were renewing their vows for the ceremony. Although it was raining, there was still quite a crowd around us yelling "Get 'er Done"!