Friday, January 3, 2014

Naked Cowgirl Updates - Reflecting on 2013 Part 1

"Reflecting on the past year...2013"
     I CANNOT believe I have let a whole year go by without updating my #NakedCowgirl "Trail of Events"! I guess I've had a crazy year with quite a bit of distractions and mixed emotions. I feel I've come to another "crossroad" is my life in which I've really questioned everything I'm doing and where I want to go from here. You might notice that I've integrated more of my personal life as #CindyFox in this "Naked Cowgirl Trail of Events" Blog....Foreshadowing maybe?
January 1st, 2013
Times Square was so busy with tourists that came to NYC to see the #BallDrop on New Year's Eve. Although it was very cold out, I managed to spend 1 1/2 hours total out there which also turned out to be a lucrative day because the people were so glad to see me and were throwing tips into my was hard to leave!
January 17th 
I attended the premiere of #TheMeatPuppet, a psycholical thriller in which I had a small part in, as did my daughter Tiffany (#MakeupByTiffanyAiello). #JoeValenti was the director and Producer with #BlazeCoyle and #KeithCollins (also the main character), written by Joseph & Billy Pepitone. there were some great actors/actresses such as #DanielaRivera, #BrandonRuckdashel, and many more 
Photo by #DezSantanaPhotoagraphy
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February 14th, Valentine's Day 
It's always exciting to go to Times Square on a holiday or special occasion; it gives me an excuse to design a different "Naked Cowgirl Signature Bikini". I changed the white bikini to #HotPink and changed the stars to hearts. #ArubaTourism set up a beach in Times Square with real sand and a Palm Tree and brought their photographer #StevenFreeman and promoters like #NewsbutterflyJanine.
It was a fun day in Times Square, but after all, it was #ValentinesDay, so of course I had to spend it with my Valentine who happens to be the same person from my last blog, NYC Photographer #DezSantana. Without going into details, lets just say it was very romantic :)

 February 25th - Filmed #GravediggerMovie
I played a part in a horror/thriller film "Gravedigger" directed by #DougBollinger, produced by Keith Collins (also a main actor in the film), written by #BillyPepitone and #JosephPepitone. I played the girlfriend of a Lawyer in the case, actor/photographer #SteveMack. It was another great experience!
February 28th - My son's birthday
I went into Times Square but NOT to be #TheNakedCowgirl but instead to celebrate my younger son's 17th birthday at #BubbaGumps on Broadway between 44th and 43rd Streets...."Run Forest, RUN"!
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March 23rd - My son's Prom (not a cowgirl thing, but more important!)
The youngest of my 3 children had his junior prom which triggered mixed emotions....a happy occasion but sad because he is my youngest child. I grateful to Dez Santana, an awesome photographer, who was there to capture the moment for me.

March 30th - Times Square Easter Weekend
Kenny Burck, jr, brother of  #TheNakedCowboy came to New Jersey with his future bride Arika to get married in Times Square on Easter. I took Arika to get her nails done at #EdenNails and caught up with them and their family for photos with my Naked Cowgirl "Easter" Bikini. The next day I took Arika to get her "Up-do Hair Style" and made a gorgeous Bride!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Burck, jr!

April 5-8 - Puerto Rico, Here We Come!!!
I Finally got what I've been asking for....a NON-Working vacation to an Island to relax on a beach, drink, eat, shop, and just be a tourist sight seeing with my significant other.

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ALS Benefit Charity Event - I made a Naked Cowgirl appearance at #MickDuRussel and #NapperTandy's 6th Annual #SoundSuccessForALS with  #SteveMarshall and his Deputies.
To Be Continued....