Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day in London with Naked Cowboy and New York Bakery

Naked Cowboy has been hired by New York Bakery to come to London to promote their NY style bagels. Apparently the bagels here in London need to be toasted, where as our NY bagels (my personal favorites have been from Bagel Buffet in Secaucus, NJ)are totally yummy plain and untoasted. This will explain why some of the photos I've posted on my facebook page (search "Cindy Fox" or "Cindy Fox Fitness")have several photos of Naked Cowboy holding bagels, and even wearing them on his "bling" of a chain.
Yesterday(Monday)morning we walked out the door at 5:20am, in what felt like 15 degrees (farenheight), to find the 2-year old Escalade had a dead battery. Actually, I found out as I opened the front door of my condo to bring out my suitcase and heard him screaming something about (it's dead!)loud enought for the whole complex to hear. Of Couse I'm partly frightened and partly wondering who the hell he's screaming to at 5:20am. Luckily, one of our neighbors whom we've never met before (Matt)was passing to get to his car to get to work and actually stopped to help us jumpstart the truck, even though neither of them had cable and I did, but he was the one who knew how to do it.
Fast foward....we checked in on time and had an awesome flight! Being that I barely have time (or the attention span) to sit and read more than 3 pages per week when I'm home, sitting on a plane for 7 hours gave me plenty of time to get absorbed in a great book (The 7 Signs of Synchronicity). Of course being "almost vegan" I brought some protein bars and rice cakes with me. The plane offered me a vegetarian pasta, which I ate even though I KNOW there was dairy in that sauce, which at home I wouldn't have eaten, hence the description of "almost vegan". My food consumption for the day consisted of a Cliff Bar, small vegetarian past, a few rice cakes, a Luna bar, and then 1/2 of another Cliff Bar before we went jogging at 11:35 pm in the cold rain. The first 10 minutes wasn't bad, but I hated the last 20 and was cursing him out under my breathe for convincing me to go...so much pressure!!
We tried to fall asleep at 1am knowing we had to meet in the lobby to start our day at 8am. I Think we might've dosed off periodically, although tossed and turned most of the night. Suprisingly, we were wide awake and ready to start the day touring London and taking a LOT of photos.

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