Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Day in London...Visiting the Sites

Luckily the hotel has "wake-up" calls since our cells are not in use and there is no clock in the room (seems odd to me). We were met in the Lobby at 8am by Jude, a P.R. person hired by NY Bakery to handle all of the arrangements of this trip and then to the "Coffee Bar" to meet the rest of the crew(Gemma, Iain, John, and Rosie). Our first "Tourist Attraction" of the day was Trafalgar Square, one of the most famous squares in the United Kingdom> At it's centre is Nelson's Column, guarded by four lion statues at its base.
Piccadilly Circus, a busy plaza in the heart of London at the Junction of Five major streets was next.We got some great photos right in the center of the circle during the vehicle's stop signal. What really caught my attention was the wire hanging high above one street connected to two poles. In New Jersey and New York I've seen shoes dangling with the laces tied together thrown over the phone wires, but here....a table and two chairs hung from the wires! You can see the photos by going to and clicking on my Facebook link (there are more than one Cindy Fox on there).
We walked Regent Street which has a great shopping area, passed Oxford Circus, and made our way over the Millennium Bridge, which goes over the Thames River. By this time, we were all in need of recharging...Starbucks at South Bank...YAY!!!! I hadn't eaten a thing so far. We continued taking photos and got video footage of Naked Cowboy for New York Bakery's website in front of the London Eye, a famous, gigantic Ferris wheel. You can actually see Big Ben in the background behind it in the distance, although we did pass it to get some photos there as well.
Once we got to Jubilee Market, which was our final destination, I actually had a little time to stop and go into some shops and look for souvenirs for my kids. For any of my past followers from "Cindy's 7am Coffee Club" on course I bought a new COFFEE MUG! We finished for the day and returned to the hotel around
2PM. We both crashed on the bed for a while for some needed sleep. It was a great nap that left us ready for whatever came next. After a protein bar a 2 more coffees, we went out for a jog going in the opposite direction from the last jog. It was definitely more enjoyable without the rain.
After showering again for the 4th time, we went for a walk to find dinner. Instead we went into a super market looking for wine and snacks that we'd actually eat. Considering our first taxi driver told us there's a lot of vegetarians and healthy foods, I was shocked when I couldn't find ONE THING besides a bottle of wine that I'd actually eat that wasn't fattening or animal products...not even pretzels! Robert brought cans of tuna and protein bars and bought carrots and tomatoes that he ate.
So back to the room with a glass of wine to chill out. By 8pm I was on Facebook catching up with friends and family and then started my first day's blog. Robert was a sleep by 8:30. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep on an empty stomach so I made some instant oatmeal that I brought. For some reason he was up tossing and turning and finally asked me why the cell phone given to us by the company had 22:20 on it. I was thinking, "Don't tell me it's only 10:20"! I thought it was at least
He ate another protein bar and took another bath and no luck sleeping. Now I couldn't sleep and took a shot at the bath (which I'm not a big fan of usually). We finally fell asleep around 4am and woke to our 7am wake-up call. I told him to call them again and get another wake-up call for 8am. Good thing my biological clock woke me up exactly that time, because we never got the second call and we had to be in the lobby by 9am. Coffee!!!!!

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