Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates

On Monday night I went with Lori Michaels "Dyke Diva" and Rula Kanawati (Photographer) to Sirius Satelite Radio with "Derek and Romaine" to be interviewed live. They wanted to speak with Lori about her new song "Tattletale" and her recent trip to South Beach to perform it at the music festival down there. They also spoke about her Duet with Danielle Staub "Jersey Housewives", among other things.
They then introduced me on the show as the "Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl" and asked some questions about the lawsuit Naked Cowboy has with Sandy Kane, the unlicensed, older woman acting as a naked cowgirl in Times Square for the last 2 years. I really couldn't say much about it, since it hasn't legally been resolved, even though she had told "her version" of it to some press.
Derek and Romaine asked me some questions about handling the cold weather, at which time I told them to go to my "Naked Cowgirl Fan Page" on Facebook to see the photos of me playing the guitar in Times Square in the middle of our huge blizzard in December. We also spoke about my new song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" that will soon have a "Cowgirl Dance" that will sweep the nation. They concluded the interview by playing my song on the radio...awesome interview!

Tuesday night the three of us, along with Courntey Lynch, the choreographer for my "Cowgirl Dance" went to Jimmy Geez Bar in Haledon to make an appearance and pass out postcards. Lori is cousins with Jimmy and told him we'd come in the take photos and help promote his "Live-Music Tuesdays". Jeron, the guitarist for the night brought me up to the mic to introduce me and then started playing a John Cougar tune to me.

Thursday I went into Times Square for St. Patrick's Day with Naked Cowboy and his assistant, Joe Vito. The placed was packed with people dressed in Green, mostly young people, and many of whom were already drunk by 4pm. It was a beautiful, sunny day un the mid 70's...perfect for walking around in a bikini playing a guitar! TMZ caught Robert (Cowboy) and interviewed him about the lawsuit with Sandy Kane and the information disclosed to the press, which technically puts her in contempt of court. Joe came to find me to come get interiewed as well when they were done. A group of about 10 drunken Irishmen came up to get photos with me while we were interviewing. I'm not sure at this point if they actually covered the story on TV yet, but from what I've seen on their show, that might be a good

I drove up to Boston yesterday morning with Robert for the Boston Seafood Convention whiNaked Cowboy ch he will be helping Blue Island Shellfish Farms promote their "Naked Cowboy Oysters" which are being sold all over the country. We attended a "meet & greet" reception at the Westin Hotel last night. We almost didn't get in being they didn't want Naked Cowboy coming into the place in his undies and promoting one of the companies, giving the other companies an unfair disadvantage. Luckily he purchased a red, white and blue boxer's robe at G & S Boxing Supply Co. to wear over his costume specifically for this reason. We did get in and everyone was amuzed.
Today we will be going to the convention center where he will be standing at their booth taking photos and singing his "Naked Cowboy Oyster" jingle to passers by. I'm sure I'll be walking around a bit grabbing some business cards and sampling some of the products that have no central nervous system like mussles, oysters, clams, and scallops (the only fish I'll eat).
Don't forget to vote for me (last 2 days) in Q104.3. "Hottest Mom" contest (over 35). I feel like I'm being a pain in the but sending all of these reminders, but when I see some of the people winning, I realize they must really be pestering people to vote for them. Thanks for your support!

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