Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of summer 2011

For some strange reason, I have a very hard time going back and editing on Blogger and saving what I had changed. I tried to make some corrections to my "Naked Cowgirl Updates 9/7/11" but after I tried to repost it I realized nothing saved. So I'd like to first start by making a few corrrections:
Naked Cowboy performed a wedding renewal ceremony in Times Square a week ago for a Scottish couple named Jennifer and Graham Provan (it was misspelled before). I also mentioned an interview I had done with Alain Bin Naim during the NYC Gay Pride Parade that was aired on some cable channels (I didn't have his full name posted). I also tried to post other photos including the night out with Lori Michaels wearing the "Only" Collection by Lois Elise but they didn't save either. I'm finishing my "End Of Summer" blog with Labor Day Weekend. Although today is 9/11/2011, I feel any events that occur today deserve their own blog along with special condolences to all who have lost loved ones in the Trade Center Attack 10 years ago.

I had gone into Times Square Friday-Monday of Labor Day Weekend, and although each day was busy, I have to say that Sunday, Sept. 4th was by far the best day out there! I got there around 1:30pm right after the Brazilian Day Parade had just ended. The streets were filled with Brazilians wearing their colors and carrying flags all excited to be there. One of my dearest friends, Debra Cavallini, is Brazilian so I've met many of her friends and have come to the conclusion that Brazilians, generally, are very affectionate, friendly people...and they LOVE "naked"!
I left Times Square around 4pm knowing I was coming back at 8pm with Naked Cowboy because we were going to do another round until 10:30pm and then head over to a party at the Laugh Lounge on Essex Street. Some of the people who sell tickets in Times SQuare for the Comedy Show invited to their party. It was even more crowded in T.S. at that time of night and their was such energy in the crowd! I even had a run-in with the other 2 cowgirls out there...the younger one who got arrested a couple weeks ago, and the older one, Sandy Kane. That was a rare occurance since I don't usually go there that late. I think the crowd was both cofused and amused at the same time.
We brought Franchisee, Rob Cofmann, and our friend Joe to the party, but it was quite a sight to see 2 "Naked Cowboys" and a "Naked Cowgirl" walking down Essex Street. We also invited our friend Minoo Mirsaidi, who showed up looking like Lady GaGa...and pulled it off I might add:) The party was great!
Monday, Sept. 5
I only went into Times Square for an hour and a half since I wanted to spend time home relaxing. It was not crowded at all in the city that afternoon. There were barely any entertainers or street performers out either. I know the summer isn't officially over until Sept. 22nd, but I don't think I'll have too many days to get to the beach. I only got there 2 or 3 times for a little while and I love the beach! I guess I'll have to just plan to head south a few time this winter, so if you're planning a big Party or Event down south and want to hire the "Naked Cowgirl" to come make an appearance or perform the "Cowgirl Dance" to "Ride It Like A Cowgirl", contact my manager Lori Michaels on Facebook or email me at

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