Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011 Naked Cowgirl Updates

Being the "Officially Licensed Naked Cowgirl" I feel it's important to be consistent with the "brand" of the Naked Cowboy, so I am watching and learning from the "one and only". I even have a new bikini that's all white and has "Naked Cowgirl" on the butt! If you go to you can go to a link that has his "trail of events", as he calls it,
listing everything he's done for years from Times Square to Australia. I prefer to write an occasional blog with updates for anyone interested in knowing, but mostly for myself to have recorded.
I believe I already blogged about an interview on February 11th (a frigid day in Times Square) with some guys who used to work for Time Out Magazine. Once their article/video is done, I'll post it on my Naked Cowgirl Facebook page. Make sure you go to that page and "Like" it so you can stay updated on all exciting upcoming events. I did go out two more times during the cold month of February, but considering I can only last 20 or 30 minutes, it's not worth my canceling clients that I could be training at the gym.
We also did a Mardi Gras themed Charity Event at the Newark Bears Stadium in Newark New Jersey for an organization that gives back to the community. Felipe Rose, the Indian
from The Village People, and Lori Micaels, Dyke Diva were crowned King and Queen of the event. The place was decorated and organized in a way that made the event a huge
March 1st was the day my very first song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" hit iTunes...check it out! It's a Lori Michaels/Hothead Production. You can also go to for the link. Rula Kanawati is our photographer on the project and Courtney Lynch is choreographing the "Cowgirl" dance to go with it. Once the dance is finished we will have a "Release Party" for all to come here the song and learn the dance. It will go viral on Youtube and people will be up on the dance floor doing it at all Weddings, Parties, Sweet 16's, etc.... Move over Electric Slide!
March 5th I went to Daytona Beach for Bike Week with Naked Cowboy, his two friends Jim and Sue, and his photographer friend Justin Loughman, who got some awesome photos and a little Youtube video posted on my Facebook. The weather was perfect, the streets were packed, and the people were very receptive and polite and eager to get photos with both of us.
March 6th we went to St. Armond's Circle (near Bradenton Beach), which is a very nice area filled with upscale boutiques, restaurants, and bars. I was invited into the Daquiri Deck to come up and sing a song to the customers and take photos with them. The manager gave me free drink passes and we all hung out there for a while having a fun time.
Robert (Naked Cowboy) convinced me to enter Q104.3 "Hottest Mom" Contest, which I didn't win round 1 (didn't enter round 2), but am now entered in Round 3. Voting starts tonight after midnight on their website http://www.q104.3com/ (Hottest mom contest- over 35). It is based strictly on the most amount of votes and each voter can vote once per day ALL WEEK. Please take a minute (starting Monday) to vote and pass it on to your friends. Thanks for your support:)

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